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Things to Indicate Rats Living in Your Place

You might wonder, what should you do if you have rats living in your house? As a kind of pests, they are usually more challenging to deal with than other types of pests. Professional pest control services from a pest control company can be the one to help you to alleviate the rat problem at home. Other than that, you can contact pest control Columbia SC to help you to know what the indications are if there is a rat living in your place. Here are some of the indications:

- Bite Marks
Rats have teeth that grow continuously. They need to chew on wood and plastic to keep their teeth sharpened. It is potentially the cause of fire when chewing the power cord. You also need to pay attention to the tear on the food packaging, because the rats tear the food open, leaving bite marks visible.

- A strange noise

Roof mice are a lively climber and can easily get access to upstairs rooms and upstairs buildings. Hearing the sound of claws at night on the roof may indicate their presence. On the other hand, rats are clever climbers. You may hear them running under the wristbands, sheds, and floors. They are more likely to be identified by the sound of a teeth bluff that makes them known as Bruxing.

- Burrow
Rats are famous in terms of digging and excavation of a large burrow system for shelter, storing food and erecting nests. Find the burrow in the compost pile, under the deck, or garden shed, or in the garage.

- Nest
Rats build nests in warm places, hidden places using tear-like materials such as newspapers and fabrics. These nests will often be occupied by rats and are usually located close to food sources. Check behind and under appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, or near the kitchen.

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